A SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agency
Carissa Mitchell, owner & agent

Ramona King


Height: 5 ft. 3.5 in.     Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Brown                          Eyes: Hazel

Unique Physical Characteristics: Nubian locked hair. Surgical Scar on right ankle


Preacher Ep 108 Jackie/Co-star Woodridge Productions/Michael Slovis
Graves Ep 105 Gloria/Feature Graves Production Inc/Robert
The Messengers Ep107 Nurse/Co-star Eye Productions/Duane Clark


Blue Alchemy: Stories of  Indigo Narrator/Lead New Deal Film / Mary Lance
Las Llaronas Drag Queen/Principal Independent/Sofia Lee Moran
Widows Oil Mandy/Supporting Role 9-Point Production/Eric Wade
The Space Between Us Receptionist Nurse/Principal Mars Boys/Peter Chelsom
Gold Angry Investor #3/Principal Three Greenhorns Inc./Stephen Gaghan

New Media

Wisdom Tales from Africa to America Storyteller/Lead C & H Productions/Ramona King
Coyote Song Storyteller/Lead Catch a Story Productions

Voice Over

The Spoken Word Hour Radio Host KUNM Radio/Matthew Finch
Fractal Fridays NMNHM Narrator Fractal Foundation/Jonathan Wolf PhD
Rainbow Tales Too Storyteller Rounder Records/John McCutcheon


Clients Available upon Request


On My Own Solo Performer Catch a Story Productions/Adilah Barnes
Roots Revival Historian-Storyteller Rainbow Studio / Regina Dawley
Tibetan Book of the Dead Lustful Dead, Wise Woman Spirit, Singer Copper Mountain Institute/ Scott Sharot
Spider Stories Nana the Storyteller Newchild Productions/Juba Clayton
Maternal Dreamer Solo Performer National Hispanic Cultural Center


6 Months Advanced Actors Intensive Vivian Nesbitt Sol Acting Academy, Albuquerque, NM
Gut Work for Actors Josh Chenard Sol Acting Academy, Albuquerque, NM
Listening and Action (Gister Method) Joe Alberti, PhD The Otherside of Acting, University of NM
Auditioning for Film Workshop 1 & 2 Faith Hibbs – Clark Sol Acting Academy, Albuquerque, NM
Actor’s Audition Workshop Rhavynn Drummer AIA Actor’s Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Storytelling as an Actor Matt McDuffie & Kathy Brink Albuquerque, NM
Nail the Audition Cathy Henderson & Price Hall The Natural Act, Albuquerque, NM
Let’s Get Your Show on the Road Adilah Barnes LAWTF, Los Angeles, CA
Acting Workshop Sharon Bialy & Price Hall The Natural Act, Albuquerque, NM

Special Skills: Dance: Contemporary and African; Physical Activities: Aerobics, Tai Chi; Professional Skills: Voice Over, Storyteller, and Coach. Accents: South African, Caribbean, New York, Southern American; Vocal Range: Alto– Blues, Folk, Gospel